Did you know that an essential oil diffuser does much more than spread beautiful aromas? It can also reduce stress, help decongest, improve sleep, and even help keep the mosquitos away. 

With so many benefits, it's a no-brainer decision to buy some essential oils and the perfect diffuser to go with it. There are several options, so finding the types of diffusers, you like best will take some research. 

At Bursera, we believe in experiencing the healing power of scent while also staying in harmony with our environment. We specialize in crafting candles, diffusers, oils, and more that are all ethically and sustainably sourced.  

We're passionate about giving back to the Earth. That's why we plant a tree with every order. 

Once you have picked your essential oils, learn about your diffuser options to enjoy their benefits today.  

Reed and Stone Diffusers

Those looking for the most low-maintenance diffuser may want to try a reed or stone diffuser.

With a reed diffuser, you must fill the bottle with your essential oil and stick the reeds into the bottle. The oil will move up the reed until it reaches the top and releases the scent into the air. 

The scent will last as long as there is oil in the bottle. Make sure to change your reeds and wash out the bottle when you switch essential oil scents. 

Stone diffusers are equally low maintenance. All you need to do is place a few drops of essential oil on your stone and allow it to absorb and spread the fragrance. This is an excellent option if you're looking for a subtle scent.

These diffusers are best used in smaller spaces since there is nothing to move the scent around a room. 

Nebulizing Diffuser

A nebulizing aroma diffuser is an excellent choice if you want the most from your essential oils. This diffuser releases essential oils as a fine mist. 

The mist is made from pure oils instead of oils diffused with water or heat, which may increase the humidity in a room. 

It also diffuses the entirety of the oil all at once instead of in stages, so you get the best experience from your aromatherapy sessions.

These diffusers disperse essential oils rapidly, and at a high concentration, so they can quickly fill a large room with a strong scent. That means you may not have to leave it on for too long! 

Some diffusers offer auto shutoff settings for this reason, with most shutting off anywhere after 1-4 hours. Some also provide high and low-setting options to control the level of mist emitted. 

Heat Diffuser

This diffuser uses heat to evaporate your essential oils into the air slowly. The heat typically comes from electricity or a candle. 

Finding a heat diffuser that works at consistent, low temperatures is best. This way, the heat won't change or warp the chemical constituents of your essential oils. 

High heat may produce a stronger smell, but remember that the higher the heat, the more your oils are affected on a molecular level. This may affect the aromatherapy benefits of your oils. 

An electric heat diffuser may be more effective at spreading an aroma through a larger room. It also diffuses thicker oils, like sandalwood, more efficiently than other diffusers might.

A candle heat diffuser is perfect if you're looking to save money. These diffusers can be found in simple but effective designs for a low cost. They're also available in ornate or more decorative designs. 

Evaporative Diffuser

Airflow is essential to spread aromas with this type of diffuser. This diffuser takes a filter material with essential oil drops on it and uses a fan to blow air through it, which makes the oil evaporate fast. 

The air and the oil aroma are then blown throughout the room. One thing to note about this diffuser is that you will experience the essential oils in stages.

The lighter components of the oil will evaporate first, and the heavier ones will fade last. There are also evaporative diffusers that do not use a fan to spread the scent and are better used in smaller areas. 

Some prefer this kind of diffuser because it is quieter than other automated diffusers.

It is also important to note that these types of diffusers are often designed with simplicity in mind. They are usually plain and may not mesh with your room's decor if this matters when choosing your diffuser. 

Air Ionizing Diffuser

These advanced diffusers work on two levels. First, they improve the air quality of a room by eliminating air-borne bacteria, mold, and more. They further improve the air by releasing essential oils into the area. 

An air ionizing diffuser works by dispersing negative ions into the air, which attach to the tiny particles already in the air.

The negative ions give those particles an electric charge, which causes them to bundle together and land elsewhere. Once they have landed on a surface, you can clean them up. 

Negative ions may also help to decrease stress, increase immune function, and support your mood. 

This diffuser easily creates a space full of purified air and aromatherapeutic particles from the oil of your choice. 

They typically use a pad made of absorbent material to hold the essential oil drops. 

Shop Different Types of Diffusers Today

Now you know some of the different types of diffusers you can buy. Any of these will help you relax and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in your space. 

At Bursera, we carry everything you need to help fill your room with scents that inspire you. Check out our line of essential oil options and our assortment of diffusers today. 

January 06, 2023 — Kayla Peterson