More than 50% of people feel overwhelmed and stressed about gift-giving every year. The pressure to find the perfect gift can take all of the fun out of the whole season. 

When you give a gift you want it to be something the receiver is excited about and something they will definitely benefit from owning. An easy way to get it right is to stick with wellness gifts. Anything that helps your loved one relax and get in more self-care is a winning choice to show how much they mean to you. 

Once you've narrowed down your gift category, it's easier to shop and find just the right thing. Check out our top ten wellness gift ideas to help jumpstart your shopping! 

1. Essential Oil Diffuser

An always popular wellness gift is an essential oil diffuser, which produces steam that carries the scent and healing properties of the oil with a low light that can create an ambiance. These ceramic diffusers have a sleek, modern design that can elevate any room. 

The matte white or black finish helps the diffuser feel like a high-quality art piece. And the benefits of essential oils in your home are a true luxury, making this a great gift for anyone on your list. 

2. Soy Candles

Scent is one of the easiest ways to bring a little something extra to any space without a lot of effort. This sense has the power to evoke emotion, set the mood, or create a unique environment. Soy candles are one of the best ways to bring in those scents throughout your home. 

It's also a fun exercise to try to pick the perfect scent to represent your loved one. 

3. Palo Santo Incense and Holders

Another great way to bring the benefits of quality scents into a home is through incense sticks. These fragrance sticks are also known for having holistic benefits, like increasing calm or boosting creativity, depending on the scent you choose. 

Burning incense is a whole experience in itself, which is fun to give as a gift. Add a beautiful ceramic holder to your scent choice for an even more complete wellness gift. 

4. Essential Oils 

When you gift a diffuser, it's a good idea to add some essential oils to the present as well. This will make it so they can use the diffuser right away and start enjoying all the benefits. 

Check out some popular essential oils and consider which they would benefit from the most. Maybe lavender to help them sleep or citrus for increased energy. There is an essential oil for all different kinds of ailments or scents; you're sure to find one they'll love. It's one of the best wellness gifts to start with. 

5. Essential Oil Blends

The great thing about essential oils is they can be combined together for even more benefits. An essential oil blend will have a more unique scent than a single note, so it will feel more high-end to your loved one. 

Whether they need more balance, focus, or calm, there's a blend created just for them to try out and enjoy. Or get them a collection so they can test out more options and find just the right fit for their tastes and needs! 

6. Decorative Pieces

Wellness gifts are a great option because they create a special experience for your loved one every time they use them. It's little pockets of luxury and a treat to boost their health as well. And that's why your wellness gift should look great too. Adding a decorative element can boost your gift even more. 

Consider adding a beautiful bowl with a match slot or a stunning stone plate to accompany your choice of incense. These additions take everything up a notch for an unbeatable gift. 

7. Mindfulness Tools

True wellness isn't complete without some focus on your mental health, which is why mindfulness has become such a popular focus recently. You can help your loved one deepen their mindfulness by giving them some tools to practice with every day. 

A gratitude journal is a great way for people to keep a focus on the good and improve their overall view of life. Others may enjoy aids for improving meditation practices that can help center and produce more calm. These are especially good gifts when your loved one has mentioned wanting to try these things out before.   

8. Self Care Experiences

Not all self care needs to be done from the comfort of your own home. Sometimes it's good to have a reason to get out of the house and treat yourself. 

Think about giving your loved one something like a massage or facial treatment to help jumpstart their wellness journey. Anything from a sound bath to a special yoga class will not only benefit your loved one's health but also create a lasting memory of how much you care. 

9. Self Care Tech 

For those who are looking to make better self care a bigger part of their daily life, it's helpful to have some tech to reach that goal. Gifting a smart watch or ring that will track a variety of wellness metrics can make a huge difference in your loved one's ability to do the things they want to do. 

10. Gift Cards

Sometimes it's hard to know what wellness gift your loved one would benefit from most, which is when a gift card can come in handy. 

This way, you can save yourself the time and energy of agonizing over your choice, and they can pick exactly what they'd like out. Everyone loves to be able to buy something special at no cost to themselves. It's fun to feel spoiled and extra! 

Top Wellness Gifts for Your Loved Ones 

Wellness gifts strike that perfect balance of being practical and useful while still feeling luxurious and special. They will make your loved one feel great and also improve their daily routines. It's the perfect way to show you love and care for them during a busy and chaotic season. 

Our team has carefully curated the best wellness gifts for you to shop for everyone on your list (including yourself!). If you're interested in learning more about any of our products, contact us today! 

December 08, 2022 — Bursera Natural Products Ltd.