Did you know that aromatherapy may help reduce stress and anxiety? If you're interested in experiencing the calming effects of natural materials, look no further than Palo Santo. This earthy material has been used for centuries as a means to restore energy and offer healing.

The benefits don't end there, either. Read on to learn what makes Palo Santo so popular and powerful!

Know the History 

Palo Santo refers to a tree common in the tropical forests of South America. The wood from these trees long has been touted for its holistic healing benefits. And it remains a popular component of alternative medicine techniques today.

Historically, shamans would use the wood as a cleansing agent to ward off evil spirits. As a holy wood, Palo Santo also became a critical part of spiritual rituals. Further, its aromatic properties were thought to help with common health issues, including colds and the flu.

Anyone using Palo Santo does so by reaching for wood from a tree that already has died. In order to reap the benefits of this prized wood, the wood needs time to age even after death. And the timeframe for aging needs to be at least three years before the wood can be used.

Today, those using Palo Santo for holistic healing should aim to source it from reputable sellers. That way, they'll ensure they're getting properly aged wood from a sustainable source. Doing so also is a way to show respect for and support the cultures who've used Palo Santo for generations.

Learn About the Health Benefits 

One of the key reasons for Palo Santo's popularity is its health benefits. Palo Santo can do anything from help you concentrate more to keep you safe from the flu. That's because the wood's fragrance can provide therapeutic relief, while its composition can offer medicinal assistance. 

The limonene within Palo Santo holds anti-inflammatory qualities that can help keep your immune system in check. It also can encourage better circulation, making you feel more energetic throughout the day.

On top of that, the wood is full of antioxidants, which can keep your body's cells healthy. Weave Palo Santo into your wellness activities to maintain a healthier body.

Do you deal with headaches or arthritis? If so, consider including Palo Santo as part of an integrative medicine regimen. The wood may be able to reduce issues related to pain, as well as insomnia or joint problems.

Finally, turn to Palo Santo when you need to relax. The pleasing combination of citrus and pine aromas within this mystical wood makes it an ideal choice to help with mood regulation. You'll be transported away from the daily grind as you inhale the subtle woodsy notes.

Use Palo Santo to recharge your mind or reduce the presence of negative energy in your mind. Breathing in the limonene may help you approach the day with less stress!

Explore Different Forms of Palo Santo

Since Palo Santo originates as a form of wood, this is one of the most common forms you'll find available. You can find wood chips, sticks, or powders, for instance. These forms are convenient if you're interested in using Palo Santo as an incense. 

As one approach, you can light a stick and let it continue burning in a heat-resistant container. The aromatic properties of the burning wood will help create a soothing environment. 

Using Palo Santo in the form of an essential oil offers lots of possibilities, as well. Use a few drops in a diffuser to let the piney and citrus notes fill your room. You can even put it on your skin for closer proximity to its gentle aroma. 

You also can find Palo Santo in the form of a resin. Use a designated burner, and place a heated charcoal disc on top of the sand within the burner. When you add the resin to the top, it will melt and create a nostalgic aroma.   

Practice the Best Uses

To gain the most benefits from Palo Santo, you'll want to know how to use each form of it properly. For instance, if you're using wood chips, you'll want to burn them as a form of incense. Or if you're using Palo Santo in the form of essential oils, you'll need a dispenser or hot water pot that can produce steam.

You can use the fragrance of Palo Santo to create the ideal ambiance while meditating. Burn incense sticks to set the tone. Alternatively, mix it with castor oil and put it on your skin before you begin.

Use Palo Santo in charcoal form, too. Smudge charcoal onto your face when you're looking to center yourself or embrace a creative activity.

Even better, Palo Santo sticks offer a portable way to cleanse a new space or center yourself. Take Palo Santo sticks with you on your next road trip or camping adventure. Their compact size makes them an easy travel companion that won't chew up much space.

As another practical benefit, you may be able to Palo Santo to help keep away mosquitoes. The limonene within it acts as a deterrent that will keep you comfortable when you're sitting outside in the summer months. 

Understand the Benefits of Palo Santo

When you know the benefits of Palo Santo, it's an easy decision to integrate it into your life. Use essential oils or wooden sticks to cultivate a calming atmosphere in any space. You'll help your physical and mental health in the process.

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February 06, 2023 — Bursera Natural Products Ltd.