Palo Santo Incense Sticks


Plant your feet on the floor, drop your gaze, and with a Palo Santo stick in hand, tap into the history of this holy wood. Honoring its origins in spiritual ceremonies and cleansing practices deepens your connection to ritual and the world around you. 

Open your eyes, and with the flick of your lighter, light your stick, and breathe in the citrusy, woodsy scent. Breathe out, and let go of the negativity you want to cleanse from your space.

Pair with a Palo Santo holder for safe burning and striking room décor.

Learn more about Palo Santo here.


100% SERFOR-certified sustainably sourced Peruvian Palo Santo (5 sticks).

Botanical - Bursera graveolens

Source - Piura, Peru

Olfactory Experience

Woodsy, warm, and enveloping. Rich with notes of citrus and pine.

How to Use

Light the end of the stick until there is a small flame. Knowing that it may take up to 45 seconds of holding a flame to it, we recommend using a candle. 

Once lit, let the Palo Santo burn for 10-20 seconds then blow out so only smoke remains. Then use the smoke to cleanse your space by painting the air with it.  Then place your stick in a Palo Santo holder or fireproof bowl until the smoke ceases naturally. 

Each stick can be relit several dozen times and Palo Santo ash can be sprinkled on top of plant-soil as a natural nutrient boost. 

As with any flame, or lit item, take caution when burning.


Bursera graveolens is a non-endangered species in the Burseraceae family, a close relative of frankincense.

At Bursera, we only source trees that have died naturally and have been resting on the forest floor for several years. Our ethical SERFOR-certified harvesting process ensures that no living trees are ever cut down, period. Not only does this help preserve Palo Santo, it leads to the potent, effective, and premium quality that is expected of all Bursera products.

How to Burn Palo Santo

1. Open all windows

2. Hold the Palo Santo stick to 45° angle

3. Hold the stick over a flame for 5-10 seconds

4. Allow the stick to burn for 5-10 second

5. Blow out the flame and paint the room with the smoke

6. Place your stick on a Palo Santo Holder

What is Palo Santo

Palo Santo is known as ‘holy wood’ and these trees are found in the forests of Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Mexico. 

Palo Santo use as an incense originates from Indigenous peoples in Central and South America. Peruvians would harvest the fallen branches and twigs of the Bursera graveolens tree and burned pieces, much like incense, in order to spiritually purify energy. Shamans used Palo Santo to offer grounded and clearing energy. It is a non-endangered species in the Burseraceae family, a close relative of frankincense.

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Rudy Van Dyke
Very pleased

Wow, I love my Palo Santo and holder. It’s swanky. The ordering process was fabulous. So easy and simple.

Wanda Roussarie Wanda Roussarie

Palo Santo Incense Sticks

Brooke Cochran

High quality

Loniann Burton


Myra Zoltany

You can tell of the Pure Quality of this Sacred Incense, as soon as you touch/hold it.. put positiveintentions from heart, for the highest greatness for who, what. All The Best Thank you for such, Much Prosperous Blissful Blessings.