There's a good reason why the essential oils market is expected to be worth $22.41 billion by the year 2030. Essential oils not only improve your physical surroundings, they can also have a positive impact on both your mental and physical health.

If you recently got into essential oils, you might be overwhelmed by the large number of options available. So what are the best-smelling essential oils? It's important to remember that smell is subjective for everyone.

So what might be the best scent for you could be different for someone else. That being said, there are some popular essential oils that people keep coming back to.

In this guide, we'll walk you through them so you can find the best-smelling options for your specific tastes.

1. Lavender

Lavender is at the top of our list for a reason. Its gentle, floral scents are one of the most beloved in the world. It can often transport you to memories of outdoor fields and freshly cleaned laundry.

It's also a great starting point for people interested in getting into essential oils and aromatherapy. We recommend this type of essential oil for people who want to relieve stress and improve their sleep.

2. Tea Tree

Tea tree comes from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant. It's a small tree that's native to Australia. If you love powerful scents, you're going to enjoy tea tree essential oils.

It's musky and pine-like. Many people like to compare the smell to eucalyptus or peppermint oil. The essential oil has long been beloved for its anti-microbial properties.

So in addition to smelling great, it can also be used as a treatment for things like dandruff and other types of minor fungal infections.

3. Sage

Sage isn't just for making delicious meals. This sweet and light herbal scent is also great for meditation. Maybe that's why countless cultures often associate these essential oil aromas with wisdom, reflection, and experience.

We recommend this if you like herbal scents that have woodsy undertones.

4. Peppermint

Peppermint is likely a scent you know and love. The chilling effect of peppermint has a pungent, warm initial scent that cools off almost immediately.

Though most people know it as gum or dessert flavor, it's been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Peppermint is great for clearing your scent palate.

However, we like it because of the many different uses you can get out of it. Make sure to check out this guide to learn about why it's one of the more versatile essential oils on this list.

5. Bergamot

Are there any Earl Grey tea lovers in the building? If so, you need to check out bergamot as an essential oil. This type of oil is made through the peels of Citrus bergamia fruits.

So you can think of it as a combination of lemons and oranges. The scent is bright, sweet, and great for relaxing.

Just be careful if you plan on applying it to your skin. Some people find it irritating, and it can cause skin sensitivity when exposed to light. But for aromatherapy purposes, it can't be beat.

6. Palo Santo

Not as many people are as familiar with the scent of Palo Santo. And that's a real shame because, in our opinion, it should be one of the top essential oil scents. If you love the smell of woodsy scents, this one's for you.

This type of wood is referred to as "the holy wood," where it's found in South America - and for good reason. Not only can it potentially defeat the common cold, but it's also excellent for deterring bugs and aiding in mediation.

So what does it smell like? Imagine a woodsy scent with notes of mint and lemon. Some people report smelling licorice in Palo Santo. So if you're a fan of that scent, you'll certainly love it.

7. Jasmine

Want a flower that smells sweet, fruity, and musky all at the same time? Look no further than jasmine essential oils. People have considered jasmine to be an aphrodisiac for centuries.

So, if you feel like making the mood a little more romantic, jasmine is a great option to go with. Just remember that when it comes to this type of essential oil, a little goes a long way.

Bursera Organic Palo Santo Essential Oil

Why Quality Over Quantity Is Vital With Essential Oils

If you're just getting into essential oils, you might be tempted to purchase the most affordable product. After all, why would you spend so much money on a single brand when you could get double or even triple the amount with a different one?

The answer lies in the benefits. Many people get into essential oils because they want the health benefits of aromatherapy.

The effects of aromatherapy, which are well-established by scholarship, include things like treating depression, helping with insomnia, and relieving stress. But it's important to note that not all essential oils provide these benefits.

An essential oil quality is directly tied to the therapeutic value it can provide you. Lower-quality essential oils don't have enough active constituents in them to provide the benefits you're expecting.

So how do you make sure your essential oils are the real thing? First, make sure that it comes from a single botanical species. You don't want any mixes or essential oil blends. It should also be extracted by someone who knows what they're doing.

The more years a business has been practicing, the more knowledge it'll have when it comes to extraction methods.

Lastly, reviews are important. They help inform you what other customer's experiences have been like. If you see an overwhelming amount of negative reviews, it's time to shop elsewhere.

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We hope this guide helped you answer the question, What are the best-smelling essential oils? Here at Bursera, we firmly believe in the healing power that comes with quality essential oils.

However, we're also passionate about aligning our aromatherapy brand with the environment.

That's why with every order we receive, we plant a tree. So if you're ready to invest in both yourself and the planet, then explore Bursera's selection of essential oils today.

September 28, 2023 — Bursera Natural Products Ltd.