As a society, Americans tend to be open to alternative methods for natural healing. One method used for natural healing is aromatherapy. 

Americans spend over $30 billion per year on this type of therapy. 

Where does palo santo fit into this equation? What is palo santo? What are the benefits of palo santo? 

Read on to find out the answers to these questions. 

What Is Palo Santo? 

Before we can dive into the benefits of palo santo, you should have a better understanding of what this is. Palo santo means "holy wood" in Spanish and it is typically found in South America. Some of the most common places it is found in that continent are Venezuela and Peru. 

Most people tend to use this as alternative medicine and for healing therapy. There are several different health claims that are made about this tree. We will discuss those in more detail below. 

Defeating the Common Cold 

One of the biggest uses of aromatherapy is fighting the common cold. Healing oils like palo santo can be perfect for this no matter what you are facing. 

The way this works is that you open up the tube of oil and you rub some on whatever body part you feel is most affected. Most of the time, it will be something above your neck that you feel is clogged up. 

Let's say that you have a runny nose. You may be at a point where you can't stop reaching for your tissue box. 

In that situation, you can try rubbing some palo santo oil on and around your nose. However, be careful with this and do not let some of that oil accidentally end up inside your nostril. Here, the oil could help clear your nose up a little and help break up some of the mucus inside of you. 

Another example is if you have a bad headache. On the inside, your head could feel clogged and there may be nowhere else to distribute that pain. 

With palo santo oil, you can rub some of it on the top of your head to try to unclog it. If it works, it can be a great contributing factor to easing the pain of your headache. 

You could be someone that does not like going to the doctor unless it is absolutely necessary. Or, you may want to avoid pills and certain types of medication. If you find yourself in that spot, this could be the best option for you. 

Deterring Bugs 

Because of the scent that palo santo has, it has been argued that this can help deter certain types of bugs. This includes mosquitos, ants, termites, and more. 

One reason for this is that palo santo has something called limonene in it. Limonene is a natural insect repellent.

Things with insecticide tend to be used to kill or deter insects such as the ones described above. These insecticides can be lethal by damaging the exoskeleton of these insects, disrupting the nervous system, and more. 

Let's say you are sitting outside on a summer night. Mosquitos thrive during that time of year and they love to come out. Sometimes, they bother humans too much with those weather conditions. 

A solution some people like to use is having palo santo around. This could be anything from burning palo santo wood to surrounding yourself with palo santo incense. Or, you could use the oil like above and rub it on parts of your body to help deter insects from you. 

Helping With Meditation 

With more and more people getting into meditation, one big thing that gets encouraged is to create a relaxing and peaceful environment. 

People that meditate take a few steps to ensure that they have this, first by finding a quiet area to meditate. Then, they make sure that they have the right lighting and the right music for them to relax. 

However, one thing they will also want is to have calming incenses around them. That is where palo santo comes in. 

Palo santo can put out natural incenses when the wood is burned. You can use it as part of a calm environment. Some people argue that this is good for managing stress. 

If you are someone that is looking to manage stress and anxiety, this could be a great tool for you to use. 

Do you remember that palo santo has limonene in it? Well, that can not only deter insects but it may also lower stress and anxiety levels. 

Considering that over 31% of Americans may develop an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives, it can be seen as a priority to some people to take these measures to improve their mental health. 

So, for people who are looking to create a relaxing environment or those looking to find a little more peace in their life, this can be a great tool to help achieve that. 

Experience Palo Santo 

These are just some of the biggest things to gain when you start using palo santo. If you want to get something that can improve your odds of managing stress and anxiety, this may be the alternative therapy that you need. 

On top of this, people may be looking for a more natural healer to fight things off such as the common cold. Plus, for those that do not like dealing with bugs, it could help deter some away from you. 

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May 25, 2023 — Bursera Natural Products Ltd.