How many times have you been sitting at work wishing you had more energy? Or how many times have you been lying in bed awake wondering why you can't fall asleep?

If either of these situations sounds like a situation that you are in often, you could benefit from essential oil blends! With so many to choose from, there are many that can help solve the problems you are facing with sleep or lack of energy during the day.

Keep reading this essential oil guide to learn more about essential oil blends and how they can help you live a healthy lifestyle! 

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy. This is a type of holistic medicine that uses plant extracts to support your health and wellness.

The oils from these plants capture the scent and flavor, or "essence," that is then used for a specific need, like pain reduction, reducing fatigue, creating more energy, and so much more.

Benefits of Essential Oils

There are so many benefits of essential oils - and each one does something different for you. If you need more energy, there's an essential oil blend for that.

Need to fall asleep faster? There's a blend for that! 

But most of the essential oils have benefits in common, like the following.

Boost Your Overall Mood

Some essential oils can boost your mood. When you diffuse essential oils, you can boost your mood for several reasons. You may feel the immediate effects of the comfort that the oils can bring as well as other benefits like pain reduction and a reduction of stress that boosts your overall mood.

Improve Your Sleep

The specific fragrance of lavender essential oil is great for sleep. Putting the essential oil on your pillow or diffusing it an hour before you want to go to bed can improve your sleep quality, which will also make you less tired in the mornings.

Disease Prevention

Many essential oils have antioxidant properties that help damaged cells repair themselves and get rid of toxins that can lead to diseases. These essential oils can help get rid of toxins in your body when diffused properly.

There are so many other benefits from essential oils; these are just a few.

Essential Oil Blends

Essential oil blends blend different plant extracts that bring different benefits. These are some of the top essential oil blends that you should start using!


For starters, lavender has a very calming scent that can bring a sense of peace to any room. But on top of that, it also has health benefits when used as part of aromatherapy. 

The most common is using lavender as a sleep aid to help you relax before you go to bed. This essential oil can promote relaxation, which will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with less stress and anxiety.


Bergamot is an essential oil that is orange-scented. This scent is great to use when you need to wake up or bring more energy to the room. Diffusing this oil can completely change the feeling that people have in a room.

Because Bergamot is full of flavonoids, it is also great in reducing the risk for cardiovascular disease and improving heart health wherever it is diffused.

This is a great essential oil to use around your own home in the morning as you get ready for the day, or you can also use it in a storefront, so customers smell it when they enter.


Peppermint is an uplifting essential oil. It has cooling effects that you can feel when you breathe in the air. This makes the essential oil a natural energizer. This is great when you are feeling pain in your head (a headache) or in your stomach. By diffusing peppermint at these times, it can cool your senses and relax the pain you may be feeling.

This is also a great essential oil to use when you need a little boost of energy.


Lemon is a great-smelling and refreshing essential oil. It is most commonly associated with relieving cold symptoms by clearing your sinuses and allowing you to breathe better.

But it also has antimicrobial properties that can rid some of the bad bacteria that may be in a room.

How to Diffuse Essential Oils

There are a few different ways to diffuse essential oils. At Bursera, we have two different types of diffusers.

Electric Diffusers

Electric diffusers have a timer and light up with a large water tank so that you do not have to fill it often.

These come in white and ash so that you can choose one that matches your room the best.

Non-Electric Diffusers

These diffusers are best in smaller spaces like the car or at your desk. Since they do not produce as much scent as the electric ones, you want to be closer to them to feel the effects. 

Start Diffusing Your Favorite Types of Essential Oils

Using essential oil blends can bring you so many benefits. From improving a cold to improving your sleep, and from reducing your stress to healing pains, there are so many reasons to use essential oil diffusers.

There are also many different scents you can choose from to get the most out of the oils!

If you haven't used one yet, it's time to get one! 

You can check out our sales items here to get started.

October 17, 2022 — Bursera Natural Products Ltd.