Manifestation is regarded by many as THE way to reach your goals. But does it deliver?

We’re breaking down this popular topic and taking it beyond the buzzword to how you can take impactful action towards your goals.

Where Did It Begin?

For many people, it all started with The Secret. 

With over 30 million copies sold, The Secret boasts the simple assertion that positive things will happen if you think enough positive thoughts. 

Simply put, think positive and what you want will come. 

Now, more than a decade later,  a new generation is talking about all things manifestation and bringing this once “woo-woo” topic to the mainstream via social media. But there’s a lot of over-simplified information, and exaggerated “claims” about manifesting miracles and manifesting anything you want, so it’s important to start with some background. 

Consider - What are the Origins of This Practice? 

“The Law of Attraction” manifestation beliefs didn’t start with The Secret, they are originally derived from traditional Hindu rituals that date back thousands of years. 

What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation is a technique, or self-directed strategy intended to help you reach a personal goal. Often focused around positive thinking (i.e. mantras, mirror work, etc.), envisioning what you want (i.e. creating a vision board), writing down your desires (i.e. journaling), and asking for universal support. 

While all of those things can have a positive impact on your life and can be a part of your daily ritual, they alone don’t offer a complete picture. And it can become problematic when it comes to spiritual bypassing or when you put all of your energy into manifestation and energetics to run your life.

You can’t magically make things happen, just by thinking they will happen. You can, however, get clear on your goals, values, and deepest desires, align your actions to get there, and change the way you react to certain situations.  

In Phycology Today,  Denise Fournier Ph.D. shares, succinctly, that “Many discussions about manifestation make it appear as though you simply have to think positive thoughts, and all of your deepest desires will be fulfilled. But this is a narrow view of the concept. First, it implicitly suggests that what happens to us in life is exclusively a matter of choice; by extension, then, people who suffer great misfortunes—like those born into poverty, those with terrible diseases, or those subjected to violence, for example—somehow brought it upon themselves through negative thinking or a lack of intention. This is faulty and problematic reasoning, of course; things simply don’t work that way.”

She goes on to say, “...though we can’t determine everything that happens to us in life, most of us, no matter our circumstances, have the creative capacity to bring about changes based on what we choose to think and believe.”

One popular example is what Jim Carrey told Oprah. As a young, struggling actor, he visualized his success by carrying around a $10 million check he wrote to himself that he eventually “cashed in”. 

While that’s inspiring, that doesn’t tell the whole story. He didn’t just write a check, he was clear on what he wanted and took committed and intentional action to reach that goal. 

Where Are We At Now?

Manifestation is moving beyond books and has become a popular subject on social media platforms. From TikTok tutorials on how to get your crush to message you, to Instagram posts on “how to manifest $10k months”, to YouTube miracle manifestation playlists, and manifestation hacks like “think of the Universe like Alexa or Siri and ask her for exactly what you want.”

We are going to be real with you. 

Yes, it can be fun to type “YES” on an Instagram post claiming you are about to receive $20,000.

And absolutely, thinking positive thoughts can help you feel good. 

But it’s important to think beyond memes, hacks, or mantras, and start taking your daily inspired action.

How to Manifest

Knowing that manifestation looks different, just as success does, to each of us, there are steps we can all take to reach our goals. 

According to the author of The Universe Has Your Back, Gabrielle Bernstein says 

“Manifesting is also known as co-creating because it’s a collaboration between you and the Universe." 

Which is saying that you need to be crystal clear on what you want and also that you need to take action to see results.  These five steps can get you started: 

Step 1: Find yourself in a calm state of mind, take some time and get clear on your life vision. 

What does it look like?

Who is there?

How do you feel? 

Step 2: Write it down. Consider this your personal vision statement, co-created with the universe. 

Step 3: Keep it in your mind and for every decision you make, check in to see if it’s aligned with that vision.  

Step 4: Every day take steps towards your vision. We believe there is great power in creating a ritual for yourself around your goals. That can look like meditation, journaling, taking a walk in nature to connect, or any number of things that help you reach your goals.  And of course, essential oils can be beneficial tools to set the mood or spark the inspiration to get you there. This also includes asking for what you want. And saying no to what you don’t. For more on boundaries, check out this post. 

Step 5: See it “manifest” into reality. 

Here’s An Example:

Lisa's vision is to live a life of peace and ease, surrounded by those she loves. Her vision statement is “to live a life of peace and ease, surrounded by my loved ones.” She writes that in her journal and refers to it when making decisions. 

Lisa is asked to go out with a co-worker whom she doesn’t care for, to a busy club on a Friday night. When she thinks of her life vision, she sees that it doesn't align, so she decides to invite a friend over to watch a movie. She finds a movie that brings her joy, adds a few drops of a calming essential oil to her diffuser, and welcomes her friend in for a calm, peaceful night, surrounded by her loved ones. 

And there it is - she manifested her life vision into reality. 

Had she gone to the club and simply thought about being peaceful and calm, would she have reached that desired feeling? Maybe, but probably not. 

Instead, she was clear on what she wanted and took inspired action to achieve it. 

From our perspective, at the root of manifestation is reaching your goals. And we believe that having an intentional, daily ritual that makes you feel good can improve your overall mood and help propel you forward towards reaching them. 


Do you believe in manifestation? 

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Author: Bridgette Clare

July 16, 2021 — Bursera Natural Products Ltd.