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Ritual Bundle


Bring balance and tranquility into your home with the Bursera Ritual Bundle. Features an organic 4" California White Sage stick and two SERFOR-certified sustainable Peruvian Palo Santo incense sticks. Cleanse and energize the space around you by spreading the fragrant smoke.
Open all windows and light the end of the Palo Santo stick or the Sage bundle until there is a small flame. For Palo Santo, let the stick burn for 10-20 seconds then blow out. For Sage, let the bundle burn for 5 seconds. Cleanse a space by painting the air with the aromatic smoke moving from corner to corner then place in a fireproof bowl. Each stick or bundle can be relit several dozen times. Take caution when burning.
Our premium products are 100% sustainably sourced. No living Palo Santo trees are ever cut down in our harvesting process and our hand-wrapped organic Sage bundles are ethically grown in California.
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