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California White Sage, an aromatic herb with a rich history of therapeutic benefits. Known for its healing and spiritual cleansing properties, it produces a fragrant white smoke used to cleanse a space through smudging.


  • Two 4″ Sage sticks for smudging
  • 100% sustainably-sourced premium organic California White Sage
  • Sage bundles are traditionally used for smudging to cleanse energy and purify a space
  • Resealable packaging ensures the Sage stays fragrant




Open all windows and light the end of the Sage bundle until there is a small flame. After 5 seconds of burning blow it out so only smoke remains. Paint the air with the fragrant smoke moving from corner to corner. Each bundle can be relit several dozen times and Sage ash can be sprinkled on top of plant soil as a natural nutrient boost.


Take caution when burning. Keep away from flammable materials, children, and pets.




Bursera only sources sustainable products. Our organic Sage is cultivated especially for this purpose and watered using the drip method to ensure the most efficient use of resources.


Tree Planted With Every Purchase


Sourcing sustainable products is only the beginning of our commitment to the planet. As part of our mission, we strive to regenerate the planet’s forests one tree at a time. With every purchase, we plant a tree.