Where Palo Santo Comes From – Bursera

Sustainability and the regeneration of our planet is at the core of Bursera’s beliefs and business practices. Our goal is to help people connect better with nature and traditional practices while ensuring that we operate in a way that allows us to support the replenishment of our planet’s resources so future generations can also experience them.

As its name suggests, Palo Santo is a very special, sacred wood. In Northern Peru, where Bursera’s Palo Santo is harvested, there are strict government laws in place to protect the trees . These laws outline that living trees cannot be cut down, but rather twigs and branches that have naturally fallen are collected after sitting on the forest floor for a minimum of three years. Not only is this practice sustainable and ensured the longevity of the tree, but also essential for the development of the fragrant Palo Santo oil and crystallization processes within the wood.

While these protection policies important to secure the longevity of these trees, it can be incredibly challenging to properly enforce them, which is why we take such care and effort to build strong relationships with our suppliers.

Along with sustainable harvesting practices. For every purchase made, we plant a tree through Trees for the Future.

Another key aspect to protecting the longevity of Palo Santo, is to ensure that we use it in a way that respects its rare and significant nature. We always encourage consumers to use Palo Santo in a moment of mindfulness, presence, and energetic cleansing, whatever that means to you.

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