We believe in the power of rituals and traditions that let you connect with yourself and the earth. 


At Bursera, we take products that bring positivity and wellness into everyday life and make them do even more good in the world around you. Our products are derived from sustainable and natural sources, empowering you to benefit from the healing power of nature in your own unique way. We believe in using items that have become essential elements of traditions through time, to make a difference in the work we live in today.

We also believe in the power of rituals. From lighting a piece of Palo Santo wood and embracing the ancestral smoke to meditating in the healing aroma of your favorite oil. These rituals let you connect with yourself and have moments of clarity that arise from self-reflection. And we were inspired in those moments to find a way to spread the positivity. What if every time you took time for yourself, there was a tree reaching for the sun because of it. Our mission became simple. Let’s get back more of the things that make this world beautiful. With every purchase, we plant a tree.